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Simon Ships Out
How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero
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Simon Ships Out by Jacky Donovan. Uniquely quirky look at HMS Amethyst true story told thru humorous voice of Able Seacat Simon the ship's cat. Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero is a warm hearted and humorous look at a horrific war incident which most people today are unaware of. Able Seacat Simon was, at the time of the Yangtze Incident, a worldwide hero and photos of Able Seacat Simon appeared in the worldwide media, on television, Pathe News and even eventually Able Seacat Simon's obituary was posted in Time Magazine.
Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero is narrated by Able Seacat Simon himself and is a witty, heartwarming tale of an exceptionally brave and wonderful cat.

Able Seacat Simon was, and still is, the only cat ever to have won the PDSA Dickin Medal, awarded to animals for bravery in war situations. It has currently been won by 65 animals - horses, dogs and pigeons - but Able Seacat Simon remains the only cat to have been honoured with it. His memoir Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero is enticingly told and published in time for a significant anniversary of the Yangtze Incident in which Able Seacat Simon was involved.

The Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero by Jacky Donovan is available in both kindle and paperback format. It is suitable for adults and children. Simon Ships Out: How one brave, stray cat became a worldwide hero makes a perfect present for catlovers and animal lovers. It will entertain anybody who enjoys an exciting, adventurous, humorous and emotional tale of one exceptional cat's ability to be a hero and a source of great compassion to the crew of HMS Amethyst during the Yangtze Incident.

I hope you enjoy Able Seacat Simon's story and recommend it to all cat lovers and animal lovers. 

What readers are saying about me
A story very close to my heart
I am enjoying reading from Simon's perspective, a story very close to my heart as I was four years old when the incident occurred and was very pleased to learn that Able Sea Cat Simon was awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for bravery in defending the crew of HMS Amethyst's food supply from King Rat Mao Si Tung and his followers.

Cat's eye view
Love cats, love ships. Have just read this book & it was fantastic, to read from a cats point of view. The 'Yangste Incident', as I always knew it, was something I wanted to know more about, BECAUSE of Simon. Read it, read it. I don't have the words to do it justice, but, be prepared, it'll grab your heartstrings.

Great read for catlovers of all ages
This is a great read for cat lovers young and old. I enjoyed reading this imaginitive narrative, written from the viewpoint of a cat. Not just any old cat but Simon the morale-boosting ship's cat on board the HMS Amethyst during WW2. Simon PDSA Dickin Medal, the equivalent of the animals’ Victoria Cross, and became the first and only cat to have been given such a decoration. Badly injured during an attack on the ship that became known as the Yangtze Incident that killed the Captain and 46 sailors, simon recovers and carries on with his role as a ratter, killing the rats who were eating the vital rations and comforting the sailors who survived.
I'll be buying copies for my grandchildren to read when they are a bit older.

Three cheers for Simon
My 12-year old daughter is a massive cat lover, and any book about cats she will happily read. I was happy to see that this one was based on true events and a real-life remarkable cat, a fact that I know will draw her into the read as well.
This book is written in such a way that a preteen can handle the read, though you might have to explain to them what citations are and how they work. But that was actually the thing I loved most about this book. It made it feel all the more real and it made it educational because you got to learn what really happened when.
Both the real Simon and the fictional one are incredible cats, and I smell a sensation on the rise in this character with the potential to make a whole series great. In the vein of Roald Dahl, your child and you both will love Simon Ships Out.
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